• Literary

Review of Dot Devota's The Division of LaborDIAGRAM, February 2017.

Review of Sara Deniz Akant's Babette, The Collagist, February 2017. 

A Million Tenses of Womanhood: A Review of Lilah Hegnauer's Pantry, The Iowa Review, April 2016.

Passionately Discontent: A Review of John Gery's Have at You Now!, Xavier Review, January 2015.

A World Just Outside of Tangibility: A Review of Lauren Berry's The Lifting DressThe Iowa Review, April 2013.

Stuck Between Grief and a Hard Place: A Review of Ashley Butler's Dear Sound of Footstep, Buried Letter Press, March 2012. 

  • Musical

Fleet Foxes, Howlin' Wolf, August 28, 2008. Offbeat Magazine. November 2008. 

Tom Waits, Saenger Theatre, Mobile, Alabama, July, 2, 2008. Offbeat Magazine. August 2008. 

Todd Sickafoose: A Review of Tiny Resistors. Offbeat Magazine. July 2008. 



Pizza Poetry Interview by Big Class, April 2015.