Essays & Reviews by the Poet

  • Literary

Did Not Shave Our Legs for This: A Conversation with Kristin Sanders’ Cuntry in Ten Line Dances, forthcoming from Fanzine, November 2018.

Review of Dot Devota's The Division of LaborDIAGRAM, February 2017.

Review of Sara Deniz Akant's Babette, The Collagist, February 2017. 

A Million Tenses of Womanhood: A Review of Lilah Hegnauer's Pantry, The Iowa Review, April 2016.

Passionately Discontent: A Review of John Gery's Have at You Now!, Xavier Review, January 2015.

A World Just Outside of Tangibility: A Review of Lauren Berry's The Lifting DressThe Iowa Review, April 2013.

Stuck Between Grief and a Hard Place: A Review of Ashley Butler's Dear Sound of FootstepBuried Letter Press, March 2012. 

  • Musical

Fleet Foxes, Howlin' Wolf, August 28, 2008. Offbeat Magazine. November 2008. 

Tom Waits, Saenger Theatre, Mobile, Alabama, July, 2, 2008. Offbeat Magazine. August 2008. 

Todd Sickafoose: A Review of Tiny Resistors. Offbeat Magazine. July 2008. 



Pizza Poetry Interview by Big Class, April 2015.