Educational Philosophy

I approach the idea of an English classroom with an understanding that language contains power. Embedded in this ideology is my belief that through learning and experimenting with expression, written or otherwise, a student gains access to identities and voices, some more genuine than others, that inform an understanding of social roles in communities. I feel all material is accessible to all groups and that speech and writing have the ability to liberate both speaker and listener, reader and writer.

I hope to stress to my students the benefit of exposure to many texts and the necessity of speaking and writing often and for extended periods of time. I believe that speech and writing are produced by students of speech and writing, those who, in practice of the art, imitate and reform, indulge or disinherit the traditions that have come before them. 


  • Association de la Jeunesse Franco-Chinoise, Aubervilliers, France, 2017-Present
    • English Language and Literature
  • Intercountry, Paris, France, 2015-Present
    • English Language Fluency and Self-Presentation 
    • Rhetoric and Persuasion / Professional Writing
    • Business and Financial English
    • American Culture and Expression
    • TOEIC and BULATS Preparation
  • Delgado Community College, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2013-2014
    • ENGL 101: English Composition 1
    • ENGL 062: Developmental Composition II



Below are links to short films and blogs associated with the projects I facilitated during my service as Writer-in-Residence for Big Class in 2013-2014: